31.01.2018 Commissioning of the vacuum unit.

At the Yaya oil refinery in the framework of the project of construction of the second phase, there has been commissioned a unit for fuel oil refinery (the vacuum unit), which will allow the company to increase the depth of oil refining to 75% and increase production of light oil products.

19.01.2018 The mayor congratulated the hockey players.

Today the players of the children's hockey team NefteChemServis have been honored in the administration hall of Novokuznetsk city – those who are the winners of the 17th All-Russian tournament "Golden Puck" named after the triple Olympic champion Alexander Ragoulin.

05.09.2017 Governor's reception

The administration of the Kemerovo region hosted a reception dedicated to the Oilman's Day.

27.06.2017 «Common Games-2017»

The company "NefteChemServis" once again arranged a grand holiday for disabled children and children from a deprived background. The event has already become traditional. This year, about three hundred young Novokuznetsk citizens from 4 to 14 years old took part in it.

16.05.2017 The team “NefteChemService” is the winner of a prestigious tournament.

The children's ice hockey team “NefteChemService” successfully completed the season having taken the second place at the prestigious All-Russian tournament "Lights of Victory" which was held in Tobolsk city.

05.05.2017 JSC "NefteChemService" entered into a contract with Izhorskiye Zavody to supply equipment for the Yaya oil refinery

Izhorskiye Zavody, a part of the OMZ Group (united machine-building plants), by order of JSC NefteChemService will supply column and reactor equipment for the facility of a combined unit for processing straight-run gasoline fractions UK-1.

27.03.2017 Installation of the column K-5

Within the framework of the project of the second stage construction, at the Yaya oil refinery there was installed the vacuum column K-5.

28.02.2017 Column K-5

The stage of manufacture of the vacuum column K-5 for the Yaya oil refinery is completed. The specialists of the company "NefteChemServis", the representatives of the contracting organization, engaged in installation of equipment(LLC "OMUS-1" Omsk) and the company providing engineering services in the field of industrial safety and non-destructive testing of welded joints (LLC "Technology", Tomsk) carried out acceptance and testing of the column directly at the site of the manufacturer – JSC HC "SDS-Mash".

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