08.04.2016 Today, the players of the children hockey team "NefteChemServis" have been awarded in the administration of Novokuznetsk.

At the end of March in the city of Sochi there passed aknockout round of the All-Russia competition "Golden Puck" for young hockey players named after Anatoly Tarasov in the older age group (2001-2002).

24.03.2016 The second stage

The Board of Directors of the company "NefteChemServis has taken a decision to start construction of the first and the second phases of the second stage of the Yaya oil refinery within the approved project development concept until 2023.

01.03.2016 Further training

More than one hundred workers of main specialties of the Yaya oil refinery during the year managed to pass further training and to improve their skills in the plant Further training centeron site.

03.09.2015 The Governor reception
Twenty best employees of "NefteChemServis" and the Yaya oil refinery on the eve of the professional holiday received awards from the Kemerovo region.

02.09.2015 Best in Profession
 More than one hundred employees of the Yaya oil refinery participated in the traditional contest "Best in Profession".

05.08.2015 Holidays in Anapa

Today, a group of children of Yaya refinery workers flew for holidays in Anapa. 15 children aged from 10 to 14 years will spend three weeks free of charge on the beaches of the Black Sea.

13.07.2015 Drills of EMERCOM

On the territory of Yaya refinery ,on behalf of the Kemerovo region Governor Aman Tuleyev, large-scale exercises of EMERCOM on elimination of accidents at oil complex were held.

03.07.2015 A car as a gift

Following the initiative of the Governor of the Kemerovo Region A.G. Tuleyev on establishing museums of technics in the open air in the cities of Kuzbass

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