The Yaya oil refinery congratulates veterans of the Great Patriotic War

On the eve of the 69-th anniversary of the Great Victory the management of "NEFTECHEMSERVIS" decided to provide the targeted financial assistance to veterans of Yaya district and Anzhero-Sudzhensk. About 100 war veterans and home front workers will receive pre-holiday gifts. The Yaya oil refinery workers traditionally visit families of soldiers, become familiar with their living conditions and, if necessary, assist in solving everyday problems.

The Yaya oil refinery as a socially responsible company sells a range of social programs in the city of Anzhero - Sudzhensk and Yaya area relating to supporting child care, children sports. On the eve of the holy for all Russians holiday - Victory Day - the management of "NEFTECHEMSERVIS0" and the Yaya oil refinery could not ignore the older generation.

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