The Yaya oil refinery sarts to deliver liquid fuel to power plants of Kuzbass

CJSC "NefteChemServis and the Siberian generating company signed its first contract for supply of 2000 tons of fuel oil for the needs of the largest power plants of the Kemerovo region - Belovskaya state district power station and Tom-Usinskaya state district power station. During the open tender for supply of the fuel, the company "NefteChemServis" offered the most favorable conditions. According to the management of the Siberian generating company, using products of the Yaya oil refinery is a reasonable and logical step in improving production efficiency and reduction of production costs for electricity and thermal energy. The quality of the delivered fuel oil meets all the requirements of GOST and its shipment is much cheaper than from the neighboring regions. In addition, the bilateral economic relationship of Kuzbass enterprises are beneficial to the whole region, because all the spent money remain in Kuzbass and undergo to tax liabilities, and further promote to development of the production sector.

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