A car as a gift

Following the initiative of the Governor of the Kemerovo Region A.G. Tuleyev on establishing museums of technics in the open air in the cities of Kuzbass, the shareholders of the company “NefteChemServis" today granted as a gift to the Regional Local History Museum a unique exhibit - the legendary "Emka" (the Soviet model of GAZ M-1 car) manufactured in 1937. These vehicles during the war were at disposal of the officers of the High Command of the Red Army, and the presented car used to be driven by Marshal Zhukov in person. In just six months, it has been renovated and put into operation. The member of the Board of Directors Alexander Govor handed the keys of the new exhibit to the Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo region Aleksey Ivanov and underlined that this is a gift from the company "NefteChemServis" to all the Kuzbass residents: since this museum exhibit is a running one, anyone can have a ride in the unique vehicle and enjoy the atmosphere of the thirties of the last century.

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