Drills of EMERCOM

   On the territory of Yaya refinery ,on behalf of the Kemerovo region Governor Aman Tuleyev, large-scale exercises of EMERCOM on elimination of accidents at oil complex were held. Yaya refinery is a high technology enterprise where the problems of safety are at the first place, the plant is equipped with the most modern equipment and safety systems. According to the legend, in the production area of ​​the plant a freight train was wrecked, causing a derailed tank with oil. After loss of sealing of the tanks, oil outflow and fire, there was a conventional explosion which destroyed the boiler room building.

   In the exercise more than 150 people were involved – they were Emergency Situations Ministry personnel, law enforcement officers, fire protection Kuzbass Center personnel, representatives of Russian Railways, physicians and specialists of Yaya refinery. Heads of all Kuzbass cities and districts were among the guests.

   The consequences of the accident have been eliminated as soon as possible. Deputy Governor of Kemerovo region Ekaterina Kutylkina gave a high appraisal to the actions of all departments involved in the event, highlighting the exceptionally well qualification of Yaya Refinery Fire Department, and thanked "Neftekhimservis" administration for the high level of the drill organization.

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