Meeting with representatives of the UOP

In the framework of implementation of the decision of the Board of Directors of the company "NefteChemServis" on construction of the second stage of the Yaya oil refinery, there has been held a joint working meeting of specialists of JSC "NefteChemServis" and representatives of the company "UOPLimited", which is a licensor of one of the processes of secondary oil refining. The parties discussed the issues connected with conclusion of contracts for supply of modular equipment for continuous catalyst regeneration and for reforming reactor.

The continuous catalyst regeneration unit equipment consisting of 8 modules and a reforming reactor (1 module) will be manufactured within 100 weeks. In the nearest future the company "UOPLimited" considering the market conditions will determine the places of manufacturing. Among the possible producers are South Korea, UAE and Europe. To the construction site of the Yaya oil refinery all equipment will be delivered by sea, river and road transport.

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