At the construction site.

Within the project of construction of the second stage (first phase) of the Yaya oil refinery at the construction site of the plant there have been completed the mobilization works; there have been built temporary buildings and structures according to the plan of construction arrangement; also there have been completed works on the zero-cycle of facilities under construction: the unit of vacuum furnace, the unit K-5 and VSS, the rack №1 and the pumping station №2, the transformer substation №7, the rack and air receiver of Instrumentation E-17, E-16.

Currently, the general contractor OMUS-1 started installation of steel structures and assembly and installation of the vacuum furnace.

All the necessary equipment has been contracted and is being supplied to the construction site of YANPZ in time, which allows to construction and installation works to be done in full accordance with the approved schedule. Today, in the framework of the second stage of YANPZ, the company "NefteChemServis" assimilated 2.5 billion rubles, by the end of the year this amount will be up to 2.8 billion rubles.

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