The Yaya oil refinery began the personnel selection to work in the basic structural units of the enterprise

Currently candidates are being interviewed and tested.

Leading positions are claimed by top-ranked specialists from the other regions, who have an extensive experience in the oil industry, and the key personnel - engineers, operators, technicians and machinists - prepared under the federal program from among the residents of Anzhero-Sudzhensk. 154 people passed the total training at the expense of the federal budget.

At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of “NefteKhimServis" carrying out the construction of the plant the organizational structure and personnel of the future enterprise was approved. The total number of the personnel after commissioning of the first stage of the plant will be 548 people.

The meeting also considered the commercial program of the Yaya oil refinery, in which in the near future a number of oil suppliers will be determined and the work on the preparation of contracts for the sale of finished products has begun.

During the meeting, members of the Board of Directors of the Company approved a work plan for the period of pre-commissioning and discussed several issues related to the practical completion of the first stage of YANPZ.

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