The prospect of the Yaya oil refinery operation in 2012-2013

At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of “NefteKhimServis” the prospects of the Yaya oil refinery operation in 2012-2013 were discussed. The Trading house experts held negotiations with oil companies and reached a preliminary agreement for the supply of oil to the plant since June 2012. Works on monitoring the market outlet of finished products are being carried out.

Apart from that, the participants of the meeting also discussed issues of the enterprise process safety. Currently, the installation of emergency shut-down system is being continued to stop uncontrolled processes, as well as the fire detection and fire suppression systems, video control and visual monitoring systems for the process, as well as communication and warning systems for an operational management personnel. All works are carried out in accordance with the schedule and should be completed in May 2012. In parallel, there are works on plant security arrangements, including in the context of anti-terrorist security.

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