On the construction site of the Yaya oil refinery, the rectification columns were installed at the facility 014.2 "Block of columns of section 3000" - an important component of the UK-1 unit.

On September 21, as part of the construction of the second stage of the second phase "Combined unit for processing straight-run gasoline fractions UK-1", installation of the upper section of the column K-3005 was performed. The weight of this part of the column is 127 tons, the length is 28.9 meters, and the diameter is 3.4 meters.

In just 6 weeks, the following column equipment has been installed at the facility: ((manufactured by PJSC “Izhorskiye Zavody”):
1. K-3005 (superdeisohexanization column) -H-98.54 m, D-3.4 m, m-358.2 tons.
2. K-3001 (deisopentanization column) -H-80.12 m, D-2.4 m, m-164.5 tons.
3. K-3002 (stabilization column) - H-34.6 m., D - 2.2 / 1.4 m, m - 38.5 tons.

Installation of the columns was carried out using a crawler crane Demag CC 6800 with a capacity of 1250 tons.
All works on the construction site of the Yaya oil refinery are being carried out in full accordance with the approved schedule. The next stage is the hydraulic pressure test of the columns to check their tightness.


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