Extended meeting of the "Committee for «NefteKhimServis» development

In Novokuznetsk an enlarged meeting of the "Committee for “NefteKhimServis" development took place. "NefteKhimServis" is an investor in the construction of the Yaya oil refinery.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the leading companies "Foster Wheeler" and "Honeywell", which are the leaders in the development of secondary refining processes, as well as the country's leading experts, representatives of research institutions engaged in the development and introduction of new technologies in this field.

The Yaya oil refinery development prospects were discussed, in particular the choice of technology of the enterprise second stage construction. Different options of the technological concept of the plant are considered, such as the construction of a diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit, a reformer unit, visbreaking, bitumen plant construction and the delayed coking unit.

In the spring of 2012 at the Yaya oil refinery the first stage of construction will be completed and primary processing of oil will begin. But today energetic efforts on further construction are being made. By the summer, specialists of «NefteKhimServis» are planning to finalize the concept of further development of the company and start to implement it - designing, ordering of equipment and preparation of production space. 

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