Volgogradneftemash manufactures equipment for new refinery

At JSC "Volgogradneftemash" the equipment is manufactured for the new refinery – the Yaya oil refinery under construction in the Kemerovo region. The Crude distillation unit K-1 and strippers K-2 and K-3 are designed for processing of the hydrocarbon gas, unstable petrol, fractions of diesel oil and heating oil in distillation process at the CDU/VDU plant.

The Crude distillation unit K-1 is a unit of 117 tons and a diameter of 4200/3500 mm, in which the supporting elements under 43 Kogh-Glitsch plates will subsequently be installed. The second device is the double stripper K-2/K-3 with diameter of 1400 mm and a length of 25 m. All equipment will be manufactured from bimetal SA516Gr70 + SA240Tp410S.


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