To the consumers

Dear partners!

In order to prevent fraud activities relating to transactions of sale of petroleum products under the pretense on behalf of the YANPZ or its representatives in the territory of the Russian Federation, we urge you to check the accuracy of documents from the official distributor, i.e. OOO "Oilston RUS"

The company "Oilston RUS" is the official and sole owner of the goods shipped by the Yaya oil refinery, subsidiary of the JSC "NefteChemServis".

Our company offers long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms to all organizations interested in the supply of petroleum products both in the territory of the Russian Federation and for export.

Cooperation with us is a guarantee of uninterrupted supply of quality fuel at the plant prices. Shipment of petroleum products is directly from the warehouse of the Yaya oil refinery on the terms ex works and by railway transport to the station of the consignee. Shipping by rail is performed by the companies Sovfracht, JSC Federal Freight, Freight One.

The quality of petroleum products supplied to Russian consumers is checked during shipment by the laboratory specialists of the Yaya oil refinery.
Export supplies to near and far abroad are certified by an independent international company "SGS Vostok Ltd." (Moscow). Employees of our company are highly qualified specialists in the sphere of trade of petroleum products.

Our company is ready to consider applications (from 5 thousand tons) for diesel fuel B with freezing temperature as agreed with customer for sending to the northern regions.