Логотип ЯНПЗ


Providing market demand for high-quality petroleum products SFO and environmentally friendly motor fuels to meet changing market requirements

YANPZ Project

About the enterprise

Yaya oil refinery  of fuel profile was put into operation in 2013. The volume of oil refining is 3300 thousand tons per year at 8760 hours of operation. The refinery is located in Yayskiy district of the Kemerovo region in the immediate vicinity of the main pipeline and the Trans-Siberian Railway. Products are being sold both in the Russian Federation (the Siberian Federal district, the Far East Federal district) and in the CIS countries, the Baltic States, the Netherlands, Germany, China, Korea and Japan, etc.

 In 2018, the unit of vacuum distillation of fuel oil with an estimated capacity of 1600 thousand tons / year was put into operation. The depth of oil refining at this stage is 76%.

In 2019, it is planned to complete construction of the Combined unit for processing of straight-run gasoline fractions UK-1, which will allow for production of petrol of the class 5 ТР ТС 013 \ 2013, GOST R 51105-97 

Investments in the construction of the second stage of the YaNPZ are 30 billion rubles.

The accumulated volume of investments until 2020 will amount to 54 billion rubles.

The Board of Directors of the company "NefteChemService" approved the program of development of the project until 2023, within which it is planned to construct a complex of fuel oil catalytic cracking units.