Логотип ЯНПЗ


Providing market demand for high-quality petroleum products SFO and environmentally friendly motor fuels to meet changing market requirements

YANPZ Project


Information about the Project


The capacity of the Yaya oil refinery will be 6 million tons of oil per year, with refining depth up to 93%. The project of construction of the Yaya oil refinery will allow to create a new oil refining sector in Kuzbass and to reduce dependence on supplies of motor fuel from other regions. The Yaya oil refinery is located 7.5 kilometers from the flow meter of the line operation dispatcher station "Anzhero Sudzhensk" of the main pipeline Aleksandrovskoe (the Tomsk region) - Anzhero Sudzhensk - Irkutsk. This will provide stable, smooth operation of the enterprise, will provide saving due to reduction of transportation costs of crude oil. 

  The production site is located on the lands of the Yaya district in the Kemerovo region and 100 kilometers away from the city of Tomsk, and from the city of Kemerovo. Two kilometers from the construction site is operating station Sudzhenka of the West-Siberian railway, where all the operations of sorting, acceptance and shipment of railway tanks with commodity products by the Yaya refinery will be run. High level of production technology will allow obtaining gasoline, diesel fuel, petroleum coke, etc.